About Vintage Camper Booths

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Mini Cooper wedding car

Credit: Yeti Film / www.yetifilm.co.uk

We are a fun, festival loving bunch with a shared love of VW Campervans, Photography and the Great Outdoors. If we are not at a live music event, we will be chilling in our VDub’s by the beach sipping hot chocolate whilst watching the surf. 

Our family of VDub’s go everywhere with us but over the years and as the demand for them has grown we have learnt to share them with you all to the point that taking them on a road trip is a rare treat these days. We do not mind this though as we absolutely LOVE what we do and sharing our little VW Family with you all, be it as a Quirky Photo Booth, Pop Up Vintage Mobile Bar, Glitter or Sweetie Bar or as Head Turning Wedding Transport on your big day. Our VW Campervans can also be the perfect ‘Ceremony Area Backdrop’ for any outdoor Humanist or Civil Wedding Ceremony.

The Campervans

Rosie, Bertie and Lottie are three beautiful VW 1970’s Bay Campervans. They have a fabulous range of unique experiences to offer and would love to join you and your guests at any special occasion, be it a wedding, party, festival or corporate event.

Bertie has been lovingly restored to a typically classic vintage look with beautiful pistachio green and cream tones. Rosie is so pretty with her burgundy and warm beige tones throughout and Lottie has a gorgeous rich classic vintage cream exterior along with beautiful neutral creamy & beige tones inside. Lastly Betsy, the newest member of the VW Family, is a gorgeous 1970’s Beetle with her Clementine Orange Exterior and Midnight Black Interior. She is pretty stunning, but then again, we would say that wouldn’t we.